A lot of what you say reads as textbook dysthymia to me, so I would really encourage your doctor to consider that in your evaluation and/or refer you to a psychiatrist who can speak more directly to your case (I find GPs are often woefully undereducated in any kind of depression other than the big bad MDD). But now I get it. I'm stuck on a bubble that doesn't let me feel things on their entirety, it's like hearing an echo from afar that doesn't reach me. I got on the right meds, I found friends who really understood me. To treat dysthymia, doctors may use psychotherapy (talk therapy), medications such as antidepressants, or a combination of these therapies. dysthymia is a low-grade, long-term depression that lasts for more than a year for children and adolescents and at least 2 years for adults. What is perimenopausal depression? People with this condition may also have bouts of major depression at times. Can be good or bad depending on the interest and ability to keep a healthy balance with it. I can think of big events but they don't happen often. Anything at all. It’s easy to forget how much they help until I slack on taking them for a day or two and the withdrawals remind me how much better I am taking them. If your doctor suspects you have persistent depressive disorder, exams and tests may include: 1. I’m always extremely tired and I think that plays into not wanting to expend the energy. it has fewer symptoms than a major depressive episode but c I mean, there’s one thing I get emotional about, and that’s about how little I get emotional. I don’t do any of the things I used to do. I don’t feel emotions very strongly. Physical exam. Diagnosed with dysthymia and ADHD here, and you’re most definitely not alone. Just a disclaimer.) Could these by symptoms of a persistent but mild depression? You might be surprised, but this is very out of character for me. Im ready to try once again the great minefield of ADHD medications. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Depression is a mood disorder that involves a child's body, mood, and thoughts. Or it shrinks midway and I feel a bit. I feel the same way, OP. I hate it and live with it every day. ADHD and/or depression are typically treated with medication and talk therapy. It’s really confusing to want to do things but not do them. I just feel a bit meh all the time and have never understood positive, energetic people despite wanting to be one. No one’s telling me I’m not pathetic, they’re not even telling me I am. It often leads to those same feelings of “oh I’m just lazy” and doubting I have a disorder and just making excuses for my behavior. And I want to do so much. Something I have a hard time doing. So how would they know? It’s such a relief. It was previously referred to as dysthymia or dysthymic disorder. A place where people with ADHD and their loved ones can interact with each other exchanging stories, struggles, and non-medication strategies. And then, you know what? According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition, Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia) represents a consolidation of the DSM-IV-defined chronic major depressive disorder and dysthymic disorder (commonly referred to as “Dysthymia.”) 1. Perimenopause is the transition that females go through prior to menopause.. I’m doing better though, and you can too. I considered ADHD-Inattentive as the root of the cause, but it seems that this is only relevant if you have similar issues as a child. So many. With meaningless suffering? It’s the dysthymia, or is it? This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. But I don’t want to kill myself. Technically, dysthymia is a pervasive “low level” depression that lasts a long time - often a few years. Hospitalizations, self harm, constant suicidal thoughts, the works. I'm so glad this post crossed my timeline. I will try to stick to short bullet points. I can’t believe I’m telling reddit about this instead of someone I supposedly love. Dysthymia and ADHD. Hang in there, and I hope you find some relief! Also, I personally get the most down and apathetic when I feel insecure about my relationships, so cultivating a meager social life (mostly online, if I’m honest) has been extremely important for me. The one thing I want to change, that I feel strongly about, I can’t even touch. I'm definitely not an expert on the physiology of sexual functioning, but I'll try to help you out as best I can. I have absolutely no motivation to do the things I want to do. THIS. But I’ve never felt bored before. Because I don’t feel I want it. Lastly, one thing I've done on my own that seems to help is to force myself to do "something". It makes me feel less alone. I think I get more "therapy" at times from my NP-psych than I do from my actual therapist, but it's just how we clicked. Im 32/F and reasonably healthy. I’m ruining my life because I hate myself, right? It's more like a nothingness. and keeps some kind of routine going. I wish I could be more inspiring, but alas, I feel like it's a "Welcome to the Club" kind of thing. “The ratings are going down and the director’s getting death threats” kind of out of character. I often feel I just “can’t be bothered” to take action. I don’t care. In reply to Dysthymia and ADHD, posted by Marc Boucher on November 22, 2005, at 17:46:02. Thank you for posting it. Never heard of it until a few days ago. I also take a low dose of methylphenidate and find that helps give me a bit of energy to accomplish tasks, but it’s not a perfect solution. It’s tempting to withdraw even more, but that will make you feel worse. Doctors should re-evaluate the need for Strattera periodically. I've always been like this so assumed it was normal. Just get off your ass and do it.” And I can’t really disagree. No, I don’t mean suicide. I won’t say “it will get better” because that’s always felt trite and not very comforting to me, but it does have the possibility to get better. That feeling of worthlessness, or lack thereof. Thanks for reading, really appreciate it. I was a complete mess for six years straight. Do I have that little faith in them? I waited 2.5 months for my first appointment. I know I’m not, I can’t be that special. An old tic just reappeared today in my right eye, guess I’m back to going temporarily blind at random. Also, if it is dysthymia, how do you overcome it? Also, the withdrawals really are hell and make it very hard to get off of if it doesn’t work for you. Subreddit dedicated to living with dysthymia. I don't have the Tourette’s, but ADHD, Dysthymia, Executive Dysfunction, loss of interest, etc... Meds have helped me get out of "the hole" and eventually start therapy. Be cautious driving a car or operating machinery until you know how Strattera affects you. Dysthymia often begins early in life, during childhood, the teen years, or early adulthood. Heres the rundown: 1. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. That feeling of wanting something so bad but not willing to do anything about it, it’s beyond your control. While major depression is characterized by severe depressive episodes, dysthymic disorder tends to express itself as mild but persistent low mood on more days than not. Never heard of it until a few days ago. It's always like an echo, veeery rarely real "sound" (feelings). Gosh, I'm so fucking frustrated about it. I did therapy (CBT) weekly for several months, then every two weeks, and finally going to move to a 'once a month' maintenance schedule. Had bouts of depression since I was a kid but I've always been called generally negative. Press J to jump to the feed. The Tourette’s is getting worse too. Haven’t even considered self harm in around three years! Lab tests. God, I’m pathetic. Struggle coming up with fun things to do regularly. Marc, Thanks for posting. But what do you do with this? Page 1 of 3 - ADHD (+anxiety+dysthymia) - Ready to try medication - posted in Mental Health: Hi everyone, Im more of a lurker here but Im getting kind of desperate for some answers right now. Of individuals who met criteria for dysthymia, 22.6% also met criteria for ADHD. Maybe it’d be better if I did, though. Yay. What interests get your brain going? But I don’t. To date, their relationship has not been systematically examined despite their frequent co-occurrence in children and adolescents referred to clinical health services. Criteria. For people with ADHD or ADD, Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria can mean extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain — and it may imitate mood disorders with suicidal ideation and manifest as instantaneous rage at the person responsible for causing the pain. I don’t feel worthless because I don’t fuckin’ feel. I came to this subreddit exactly to find out if this could be dysthymia, I just can't seem to gather the courage to see a therapist. When you can’t see how it’ll end. Haven't had a bout of depression since starting ADHD medication which I thought was good, but I haven't felt particularly happy either. Like a shit ton, no joke. Even more interesting, if we include dysthymia, which is a milder but more chronic depressive disorder, the percentages are larger. ... although i did it with adderall which i got for my ADHD, and weed. Or do think therapy’s more helpful for you? 2. And I mean, I get it. Questioning whether you have ADHD or not should be a symptom of ADHD, don’t you think? Dysthymia is so similar to major depression that the American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual also suggests, as a possibility for further investigation, an alternative definition with symptoms including anhedonia, social withdrawal, guilt, and irritability but not appetite or sleep disturbance. Persistent depressive disorder, also called dysthymia (dis-THIE-me-uh), is a continuous long-term (chronic) form of depression. I was actually diagnosed with this as a teen ager along with ADHD. If so, it was not intentional. Granted at least for me I have the advantage of being a lot more chill in situations where others are freaking out. First-world problems, am I right? Calm your tits. Alright. But I don’t have any interests right now. I don’t have an answer for whether this feeling is an ADHD symptom or depression, but the two are so comorbid and intricately linked I often doubt whether being able to pin it on one or the other would help anyway – it seems more like a circle of causation to me. Except I don’t. I finally started using them both together last fall. I still feel like this, and I’ll probably always feel like this since dysthymia is chronic and treatment-resistant, but yes, meds have helped a lot. That’s why I started taking the meds in the first place, so I could be socially and academically functional. It causes abnormal menstrual periods, erratic fluctuations in … Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder doesn’t begin to describe this. When I was told about my ADHD diagnosis, so many past events made much more sense. You can think of a drug like cocaine that floods the brain with dopamine. I have dysthymia, social anxiety, a mood disorder, and ADHD. I have a history of dysthymia and anxiety. Dysthymia: 7 Natural Ways to Improve Your Mood Dysthymia is a serious mental health condition that should not be treated with alternative medicine alone. Everyone else can just do it. Dysthymia is a bleak and painful form of realism, every bit as much as it's a sickness. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Its not really me... but it is... it’s fucked up and I’ve been living with it all my life. That’s it. Like, at least when I fell off my bike and scraped my knees as a kid, I’d be able to get back up and learn something from it. Weekly threads to plan and notice the positive in our lives. I’m just rambling at this point. I’ve never really felt what people call “executive dysfunction”, at least not to this extent. Drugs.com provides accurate and independent information on more than 24,000 prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and natural products. But let’s be real, I’ll never do it. ... It’s a feeling in my head that dulls all of my experiences. What is dysthymia? The meds seem like they still work. Well, it’s more like my neurological system doesn’t. Your doctor may order lab tests to rule out other medical conditions that may cause depressive symptoms. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dysthymic disorder (DD) are common childhood psychiatric disorders that have a greater-than-chance association. You and I probably have personalities that are the total opposite of that. I just put up with the mood and force myself to have fun). Can 100% relate to having dreams and wanting things in life and still somehow not really doing anything to make them happen or not even wanting to put in the effort. I think I just want to not feel alone. I don’t exercise. Previous studies have estimated that anywhere from 16 percent to 37 percent of adults with ADHD have been diagnosed with major depressive … You just have to find the right combination to make a difference. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Diagnosed with dysthymia and ADHD here, and you’re most definitely not alone. Dysthymia characteristics include an extended period of depressed mood combined with at least two other symptoms which may include insomnia or hypersomnia, fatigue or low energy, eating changes (more or less), low self-esteem, or feelings of hopelessness. I’ll answer any questions if that’s not enough information. Dysthymia is a milder, but long-lasting form of depression. Now that I’m experiencing it, I’m doubting their effectiveness. Over a million users here say they 'feel at home' and 'finally found a place where people understand them'. If the game’s rigged, why play it? Or maybe I just actually don’t have it. Re: Dysthymia and ADHD » Marc Boucher. Do I really think they wouldn’t understand? There's other stuff I can't really think of. I used to describe myself as a “very unmotivated person” and lazy because I thought it was a me problem. Just OK. I was diagnosed with early onset dysthymia, ADHD-C, and Autism Spectrum Disorder a few years back, along with a few other things. I was getting that kick, you know? According to the National Institute of … Being drawn into this low-level depression tends to make major depression more likely. But at least on reddit I can cry and you wouldn’t know. I can’t remember if I took my meds today, maybe that’s why I’m getting all pouty. I've always been like this so never questioned it until someone brought up dysthymia. Often, dysthymia can be … It doesn't bring the enjoyment necessarily, but it helps me maintain some level of functionality so I don't feel as worthless. I’ll be fine. Most of all, you’re not alone in feeling this way. (Pristiq is what’s worked best for me, probably since it’s an SNRI, but of course everyone is different. I don’t try to socialize. Can’t blame them, though. I’ve never really felt bored. I never really understood why people hated the name ADHD until today. Sometimes, this bubble shrinks and I'm out in the world, but it's still there in my heart. I had dreams, I still do, but they’re always out of reach because of my own self-imposed limitations, but they’re not really self-imposed, are they? And then there’s the real-life nagging voice saying “you don’t need motivation to do things, that’s stupid excuse. I was always absorbed in something and, even if those somethings never really amounted to anything, I felt like I was doing just fine. I have ambitions and desires and dreams, I do. “Major Depressio… The simple answer is severity, but let me expand on this further. I've felt very depressed before, and it doesn't feel the same. I’ve never felt like I was doing nothing. That’s why I keep doubting my diagnosis. Posted by Tomatheus on November 25, 2005, at 17:51:18. The bivariate correlations between symptoms of mental disorders are presented in Table S3.At all ages (10, 12 and 14) symptoms of IGD were positively, significantly, though modestly correlated with symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, and ODD/CD at ages 10, 12, and 14 (range of r = .09–.19).. I was happy. Yes, it feels worthless sometimes, but at least you have an answer to "what did you do this week?" However, people with persistent depressive disorder may also experience major depressive episodes at times. Find out how doctors diagnose this condition if you’re older than 17, and what your next steps should be. Results. You can find help at a National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, USA: 18002738255 US Crisis textline: 741741 text HOME, Others: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suicide_crisis_lines. I don't necessarily feel like I've gotten my money's worth from the therapy, BUT it helped. I can hold a conversation. I used to exercise and eat better but lately my depression and ADHD has made … r/dysthymia: Subreddit dedicated to living with dysthymia. The doctor may do a physical exam and ask in-depth questions about your health to determine what may be causing your depression. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I must just be lazy. Honestly though, I don’t think the meds have been working very well lately. And then there’s the constant nagging voice saying “ey, you’re just making excuses because you don’t want to admit that you’re just plain pathetic”. In some cases, it may be linked to an underlying physical health problem. ( 20 ) However, there are many natural ways to relieve depression that may boost your mood, reduce your … She got me on board for therapy for dysthymia and medication for ADHD. I really do. I mean just letting it take over. If it helps you, I personally describe it as a bubble around me. I hate how non-optimistic I am right now. The meds never helped that because I never experienced that. I don’t have an answer for whether this feeling is an ADHD symptom or depression, but the two are so comorbid and intricately linked I often doubt whether being able to pin it on one or the other would help anyway – it seems more like a circle of causation to me. Here’s hoping that telling you beautiful monkeys this shit will make something happen. Strattera is usually administered in addition to other strategies for managing ADHD, including educational, psychological and social measures. Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria How ADHD Ignites Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria. Thing is, I can read. I enjoy self-help books and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for ones about living with ADHD? I (31F) was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Asperger syndrome is defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR) as a pervasive developmental disorder that is distinguished by a pattern of symptoms rather than a single symptom. I think up until now my entire life has just been filled with hyper-fixations. In fact, up to 75% of people who are diagnosed with dysthymia will have an episode of major depression within five years. I went to therapy as a teen but haven’t been in years as the particular mode of therapy I was in just didn’t do much for me, but I know I really should start again if I could just get the nerve to start the search for a new therapist. The diagnosis I got seems to fit me pretty well, but doesn't align with your description of your experience.

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