For all the discussions & articles I read on appliances I just felt best all around with Wolf. BlueStar ranges produce some of the highest BTUs available for residential ranges. This forum is full of nice people and yes, sometimes threads get heated, and full of spirited debate. Which one did you end up purchasing? You can select your BlueStar range in a full artist’s palette of colors, so it will match the color scheme of your kitchen beautifully. This allowed heat to escape, resulting in … I'd recommend it if you're thinking about a gas range. With consistent blue flames at every port, this enables all the heat to be directed upward. I also don't see how saying something like "Travel has no influence on leaks, poor production does" can possibly be interpreted as spinning in BS's favor. This one seems totally egregious and calls into question other posts about great BS support. Very fast. In the interest of full disclosure Chef Chris missed a few details.... probably unknowingly. I need a clock assembly part for Frigidaire oven - Part 3201540, Pros and cons of built in appliance lift for Kitchenaid mixer. My Blue Star oven is not working. Thermostat for Blue Star range. Whereas electric is better for baking. We Bluestar Service Center is service center for all Bluestar micro wave oven problems in Hyderabad. All consumers should be VERY careful when purchasing products from unauthorized retailer or retailers (online or not) who are 3,000 miles away. SVC_TSTAT_UPDATE_LG: Bluestar Burner, Upper Power 781006 Our Price: $970.50 . This full course of possibilities can help you find the right appliance to match yours, Bring warmth and beauty into the heart of your home with a range hood crafted from nature's bounty, Get to know the types, styles and why you may want to skip a hood altogether, Find the perfect style and material for your backsplash focal point, Experts serve up advice on caring for these kitchen appliances, which work extra hard during the holidays, Terrific at filling gaps and in a wide range of colors and shapes, sedum is a problem solver in the garden, A multifacted ground cover with an enormous range, plumbago solves landscape problems with panache, Protect your privacy and keep deer at bay with a planting trio that turns a problem garden area into a highlight, Use them as problem solvers, weed killers, color and texture providers ... ground cover plants have both practical and visual appeal, How to Find the Right Range for Your Kitchen, Wood Range Hoods Naturally Fit Kitchen Style, What to Consider When Adding a Range Hood, Kitchen Confidential: 8 Options for Your Range Backsplash, Great Garden Combo: 3 Wonderful Plants for a Deer-Resistant Screen. This is our first range of this quality, having stepped up from a 10 year-old gas, 30" Frigidaire "Professional". The power issues problem is one of the problems of BlueStar Electric Range. This is completely opposite of all interactions I have ever had with Bluestar/Prizer Painter. The third attempt to fix the gas leaks did not work. Perhaps when you have achieved some standing on this forum through your contributions, wise advise and help to others, then perhaps you have some basis to flame someone, that is, if they've done something to deserve it, which I don't see that Guadalupe has. BlueStar Knob 731527 Our Price: $64.95 . The Frigidaire was a big disappointment - with burners that failed, and a black stove top that was impossible to clean - food baked onto the top easily and then wouldn't come off. Both were fixed easily and promptly and the unit has been a pure joy to use since. By continuing to browse this site or use this app, I agree the Houzz group may use cookies and similar technologies to improve its products and services, serve me relevant content and to personalise my experience. There are over 750 different colors and finishes from which you can choose, when ordering a BlueStar range. 2 minutes. The chances of damage or leaks due to a very long travel are extremely high. so guadalupe, with your inside contacts, why don't you tell us the rest of the story from the PP side. They delivered our range damaged, with broken burners and gas lines, chipped oven, mis-assambled, deeply scratched bull nose . Another bluestar-themed pissing match! CSK-1000039 KKTB-11-48.702901 799487 is the new service update thermostat on some Bluestar models. I love to cook. Then second unit was installed and "tested" but the installer didn't connect the gas line correctly. BlueStar designs, delivers wired and wireless network infrastructure equipment and provides the software for network management, ... Connect Beyond the Network” by offering world-class software and network infrastructure solutions that solve the wide range of problems faced by IT departments – increasing IT’s value to the business. BlueStar also has 750 different colors to choose from, with 8 trim packages. First was working with them to find out configurations and the like. BlueStar boasts of a commitment to precision in both form and functionality, sharing that it’s these very design considerations that have promoted BlueStar to be at the top of the world’s premiere residential cooking equipment in the eyes of world class chefs everywhere. The forced air circulates throughout the entire internal space of the range, ensuring that whatever it is you’re cooking will be cooked evenly. Though, I HAVE seen posts from you ASKING for advice and help from others, which they freely and generously give. Most residential burners max out at 12,000 BTUs, and a few offer 15,000 or 18,000, but BlueStar’s Platinum series provides a whopping 25,000 BTUs of cooking power. Convection oven works well - I can't say I notice a huge difference over prior oven. Bluestar Microwave Oven Service. But sometimes it is the problem of the BlueStar Electric Range. Oh Man,"guadalupe", I've seen you on every BlueStar post. So we had invited family for Thanksgiving, and [the contractors] finished installing the kitchen the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. The broiler works but not the oven. I love the simplicity of its function, I strongly prefer the open burners, and I love the power; but in seven years I have had to replace like three of the igniters and something major busted in the oven (not the convection fan -- the oven stopped working actually). BlueStar sent out a repairman to fix it, and after the second attempt they gave me an extra warranty. Dropping will cause leaks and damage. If you want help here, try to control your lashing-out-with-no-provocation impulse. You have no credibility, and your presence gives BlueStar a black eye. It is the range. Input voltage to the stabiliser is below acceptable range; Replace fuse wire; Suggested Remedy: If the input voltage to the stabiliser is below the acceptable range, the airconditioner will not turn on; Symptoms: Unit does not cool even after the normal time delay of approx. Do you like the Thermador Package? No one tests ranges like we do. Random pick with weight: Leetcode June 2020 challenge, 5 Tips for System Design Interview Preparation, Underrated Data Structures and Algorithms, Bloom Filter : A Probabilistic Data Structure, Design a proximity server like NearBy or Yelp Part — 1. All ranges purchased via a bankrupt salesÂÂ.. DO NOT carry any manufactures warranty..................I think the term is SOLD AS SEEN. We were not charged for any repairs and our warranty was extended. They were going to leave it but I asked them to take it out and bring a new one. There is a reason I bough from someone local and got a service contract from them. I often think I'd be better off not reading these forum since anyone can post anything weather it be real or not.

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