It even has a horn on its head like Weedle, but its not as sharp. Why he is a third seperate evolution of Tyrogue, I have no idea. This is a list of Pokémon in the order dictated by the National Pokédex, meaning that Pokémon from the Kanto region will appear first, followed by those from Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar.Each region's set of Pokémon starts with its own set of starter Pokémon and their evolutions, going in order of Grass, Fire, Water; the only exception is Unova, which begins with Victini, … I just want to see less of it. Kabuto was a plain looking rock with eyes, and Kabutops is huge. Funny how that works, and yeah, ranked like that intentionally of course. I was travelling on one of the early roads, randomly gathering up Pokemon, determined that DP was going to be the first generation I ran a reasonably balanced team through the elite 4. Well, no, not really. I just happen to like the type, at least, those Pokemon that arent excessive filler water types. Its definitely got a leg up over Entei and Raikou when it comes to looking legendary, and well, it got to be more important in Yellow too. The fact that it looked like it might grow into something interesting helped it too, no point using Pokemon for fun if they arent cool looking. Have I mentioned that I liked the DP endgame enough times yet? Also for whatever reason, I'm not going to take a guess as to why here, people like putting dark types in pr0n. Snorlax is a pretty well-known and liked Pokemon, but damn if he didnt help to stale a generation out. Or rather, he just grows fat and his tail covers most of his body. I mean, its still original for its time, of course, but its not my RBY starter of choice. Luckily, its probably destined to evolve at some point(Or not evolve, either way) and be left with a Nurse Joy sometime. Still, Pinsir was one of my favorite underused Pokemon to throw out there in RBY every now and then, capable of throwing out an S-Dance and getting some crazy attack power. Well, a little of all of those, but not very much. As a plot point, regardless of whether its anime or game or some random story on the internet, Absol is never in any circumstances evil. Fighting in general is a pretty neglected type, I guess its hard for them to come up with decent ideas. So I leveled up the Shinx a bit, it was pretty much my first encounter of DP's special/physical type split, a physical attacking electric type, it was pretty cool, to say the least. Floatzel had a fat and kind of stubby look to him and an ugly looking floaty thing and then his little head horn thingy. Froslass isnt as dumb looking as Glalie. Its more of what you would expect from a final evolution, though still a tad too similar to the rest of the line. I have, many times. Except it has a pre-evo, for whatever reason. And for pretty good reason, the damn thing hurt. I'm pretty glad they realized their mistake, but it still doesnt fix Vileplume. But they forgot, immediately after them came the exact, same, gimmick, in bug form. Generic coccoon Pokemon. They are so dull and plain looking, its pretty depressing to stare at. Grovyle has the standard grass type leaf on head, but its an awesome long leaf on head, and it just looks really cool(See first pic on google image search for the example of coolness, I'm not joking). Its also not as annoying as its evolution is in the game, and then it has already had its interesting moments in the anime(Hopefully the thing never evolves into a Lopunny). Bad play on a word, check. Sure, they probably wont sting me, but the prospect is irritating. I totally didnt see that coming. We didnt. Cresselia is possible to avoid and doesnt count, btw. It gains small black pearls I guess, but nothing like Spoink balancing a pearl on its head for its entire life. And like the case of Scizor, it helps when the Pokemon is just plain cool. Seriously, google image search, its eyes are permanently rolled back like its on some sort of crazy drug. Yeah, thats right, a bunch of happy cuddly Absol. Xatu is the cultiest of culty Pokemon. Not the most creative set of names, either. Sure Garchomp is the big cool dragon in DP, but he starts particularly lame. Cherrim reminds me of some weird combination of Delcatty and Skitty. And its a pointless split evolution, too. Another of my RBY Pokemon, except he was my original opening Pokemon for my team. Hes still a giant mouth, but now hes an angry giant mouth. And thats being kind(Luckily movie 10 looks awesome if it ever gets over here). Its probably one of the simplest names ever, and people just botch the name repeatedly, its really sad sometimes. You'd think I'd associate another Pokemon to go along with Huntail, but nope. looking little like its predecessor Baltoy, Claydol maintains only its roundish shape. Not the smartest looking Pokemon out there, and his got dots for eyes. So annoying. Not useful by any means and I've never actually used one for any purpose, but cool looking to make up for it. Sudowoodo, hes a rock that somehow blocks our path...Yet hes not even that big. It was an interesting little break in the fight where if you wanted to kill it, you took a 50ish% risk of failure. Seriously. Again on my teams, I pretty much refused to use Pokemon I didnt like. This thing irritated the hell out of my team back in the GSC days though. Head, arms, tail, eyes, fang-things. High speed meant lots of lucky crit Hyper Beams as well, which were always fun. Also Ninetales happened to be one of those rare stone evolutions, but one of a portion of them that actually could be obtained rather early, so very early on you got a fairly powerful Pokemon. Rattata had a good color scheme and was a reasonable early Pokemon to collect. Sure hes a cool looking Ghost Pokemon, but hes also terribly irritating. Rentals were no longer good enough, I needed my own Pokemon, with a set good enough to knock down the most haxing, cheating, cruel game ever created. Cave? 2 syllables, crazy. Everything else about it just makes me question its existence. It also still has a better look to it than the plain looking Registeel, though Maybe Regice has the coolest look to it. Groudin is a big red thing and the plotline legendary of Ruby, but hes kind of odd looking. But he looks a bit cooler than Loudred, so thats why hes a bit higher. Yeah, I had to throw it in there, and yeah, people tend to portray Luxray as very aggressive everywhere, its just rather fitting to them. But outside of that, hes pretty inferior to Wobuffet. But he'll evolve into giant bells, including Victreebel, one of my favorite underused RBY Pokemon that I liked to throw on teams. You know, hes been around for awhile, but the only real memory of Slowking I have is from movie 2 really. While Bibarel might have been able to guide us through anywhere we wished, it just looks, stupid. The disaster Pokemon, seriously. All you have to do is grab a game (ROM), then an emulator, and then start playing. This of course was caused by the legendaries in GSC being a pair of birds, rather than a single overpowered Pokemon. The bidoof'ish face kind of hurts it in my midn, too. Its a Seedot covered in leaves and it comes in 3, yes 3 versions. A reasonable electric type with a cool name, though I have no idea what he actually is. Again this is the only line to change types over a generation, thats still neat. Unfortunately Ash was rewarded with one of his first cop-out badges in awhile, but the episode was still insanely epic. I guess its also the final evo of a fossil, so I suppose thats where the rock in the rock/grass comes from. Seriously, it has FLY in it, it has wings, its shwon as flying, yet, its a ground type. Like Arcanine, Houndoom was thought to be a top-tier GSC Pokemon at first. Arcanine is a really cool Pokemon that kind of suffers from underexposure. And did I mention its blue and awesome looking. But seriously, this was the only starter line in DP I really cared for.

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